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Vas & Neerja with  former President Clinton

America India Foundation (AIF) was originally founded in February 2001 to address the devastating earthquake in Gujarat, India. It has now expanded its charter to accelerating social and economic change in India by connecting communities and resources across the United States and India.

Vas and Neerja met with former President Bill Clinton at the October 2003 fund-raising event for the AIF.
Mr. Clinton is the Honorary Chairman of the AIF Board of Trustees and is active in its many charity-based activities.

Vas & Neerja meet Senator Clinton

CRY (Child Relief and You) is a charitable organization devoted to the welfare of underprivileged children and to make a better future for them. Founded in 1979, it has involved over 100,000 individuals and organizations, who have, through CRY, made that difference possible.

Vas, Neerja & Kavita met with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton during a 2002 fund-raising event for CRY.
Mrs. Clinton is actively involved in children's causes and lends her unstinting support to organizations that serve children.

Other charitable organizations that we continue to support:

Schools Online
Schools Online's mission is to help students all over the world, especially in the underpriveleged countries, gain access and use the communication and information resources of the Internet for learning and cross-cultural dialogue.
Maitri is a free, confidential, nonprofit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area, that helps South Asian women facing domestic violence, emotional abuse or family conflict.
Foundation for Women's Education in the Rural World
The Foundation dedicates itself in empowering rural women with an education, either by providing grants or through the college founded and operated by the Foundation. Every year the Foundation positively impacts the lives of more than 600 women in rural India.

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